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Budget Blueprint

In this section, you will:

  • Organize your expenses and income into the DFT Budgeting Tool
  • Set Monthly and Weekly Budgets

By this point, you have entered your expenses and income into the Debt-Free Teacher Budgeting Blueprint. The main goal is to increase your income and decrease your expenses. The more expenses you can eliminate, the faster you will achieve your financial goals. It’s time to say goodbye to wants and cut your needs expenses when possible. Here are a few ideas to get you started. Be creative and think outside the box.

Transportation Take public transportation more often; walking, biking, or scooter; carpool; host events instead of attending,
Food STOP EATING OUT; go to the grocery store(Save-a-lot, Aldi not Whole Foods); beans and rice diet; Remember the Ramen Noodles from college? Buy in large quantities; Use coupons;
Shopping Second Hand/Thrift Stores; Do you really need it? ;
Going Out Host friends; drop or at least cut back on the expensive alcoholic drinks; stop going to boujee restaurants and bars; Don’t get the prime rib, get the kids meal;
Miscellaneous Cancel subscriptions, attend free events; rent books from the library instead of buying them


Remember, we want to use the growth mindset to its fullest potential. That means believing in the process when you’re listing your wants and needs. Believe that transparency and honesty with yourself will lead you into freedom of debt in the long run. Let’s do this!



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