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Get Going

In this section, you will:

  • Acquire an Accountabilibuddy
  • Let go of preconceived notions
  • Practice using affirmations to

In order to transform our current financial status, we need to apply our understanding a growth mindset to our lifestyle. This means letting go of previous notions that say “This is my current situation and I can’t do anything about it.” and let’s go to financial independence and gain a debt-free lifestyle that you control.

Scan over this list of affirmations and pick a few that stand out or mean something to you. Use these affirmations on a daily basis to support your growth mindset and a successful debt-free journey! Feel free to add some of your own affirmations if they motivate and inspire you.


“Letting Go” and “Let’s Go” Affirmations

-I am on my way to financial freedom!

-I will be debt-free!

-I can do anything I put my mind to!

-Can’t Never Could!

-I am an amazing educator!

-I acknowledge the blessings I have received in my life with gratitude, I feel honored and humbled.

-Everything I desire in life is in front of me.

-Success and good fortune flow toward me in a river of abundance.


-I am grateful for each day that brings me one step closer to my perfect life.

-I control my future.

-I am extremely confident in anything that I choose to do.

-I feel heroic, confident and exhilarated.

-I know my actions today will create momentum tomorrow and the next day – I feel unstoppable.

-The future is mine. All I have to do is claim it.

-I welcome freedom into my mind, I am not restrained to anything and can do whatever I want. I feel free and empowered.

-I refuse to let debt control my life.

-I will be a debt-free teacher!


During your path to financial independence, you need to acquire an “account-a-bila-buddy”. An accountabilibuddy is someone holds you accountable for your actions. This can be a spouse, family member, coworker, friend, or fellow teacher. There is more power in having an accountabilibuddy in the teaching field because they truly understand your situation and identify with the struggles that come with teaching.

Consider the following when choosing an accountabilibuddy:

  • Don’t just pick anyone. Pick someone that is accomplished in an area and can help you grow.
  • You can have more than one accountability partner for various things.
  • Your accountabilibuddy can be anywhere in the world thanks to technology. Use Skype, FaceTime, or something similar.
  • Figure out what type of communication works best (text, phone call, in person, or a mix)
  • Schedule routine communication with this person. Put it in your calendar! Set an alarm. This can be the same time every week or feel free to switch it.
  • Prepare in advance. Make notes of things you want to discuss or goals you want to accomplish and send it to them. This way both of you can jump right in when you meet up.
  • Be honest and transparent. If you don’t, you’ll just be wasting everyone’s time.

Hold your partner accountable and make sure they do the same for you. An accountabilibuddy that doesn’t hold you accountable is cheating your success. Ditch them and find a new one.

It is important that you follow each action step before heading to the next step of the course. These action steps create the foundation that your building your debt-free lifestyle on. Do not cheat yourself here.

Action Steps

  1. Complete DFT Mindset Map
  2. Practice cultivating a maintaining a growth mindset into your daily routine.
      1. Learn to hear your fixed mindset voice
      2. Recognize that you have a choice
      3. Talk back to it with a growth mindset voice
      4. Take growth mindset action
  3. Recite affirmations daily
  4. Find an accountabilibuddy


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