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Know where your money is going!

In this section, you will:

  • Understand the importance of tracking your money

As teachers we are already at a disadvantage. Teaching is one of the most overworked, under appreciated, and underpaid professions in the world. We should know where every single penny is coming from and going to. It’s silly for us to sit around and complain about the cards that WE chose, when we knew these things coming into the profession. It’s not a secret. This isn’t a new discovery. Teachers have struggled with these things since the late 18th century. We have to tell our money where to go!

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority found that more than a third of the population would not be able to sustain a $2,000 emergency bill in the next month. That covers things  like broken down cars or major house repairs. These figures were extremely high for people without college degrees (81%), those with an income of less than $25,000, and African Americans (48%). Debt-Free Teacher course works to eliminate such statistics beginning with setting up a budget. You will use the DFT Budgeting Blueprint to categorize your expenses and incomes in order create an effective budget.


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