$32,000 Deep in Student Loans

How I went from swimming in debt to living the Debt Free Teacher dream.

This is how I got here.

My story is one that is shared between tens of thousands of people all around the country. I am a public university graduate turned educator, that was living paycheck to paycheck with zero savings and managed to sign my life away in the form of student loans. Post college, I entered the profession carrying a whopping $48,000 of student loan debt.


After a few years of teaching in the public school system, I began to have some car issues from my old college clunker, a 2000 Ford Taurus Wagon. That was the second car that bit the dust in a matter of 3 years. I found great deal on a decent used car and went to my bank to get a $10,000 loan. After filling out an application and having a brief discussion with the bank teller, she came back and said, “Mr. Gilliam, your debt to income ratio is too substantial and your request has been denied.”


Somehow, I had managed to get a $20,000 car loan while I was in college making jack shit, but now that I went to college, earned a degree, and worked a full time public service job, I couldn’t get a loan for half of that amount.  Not to mention, I always paid the minimum requirement or overpaid my monthly statements on every loan. I felt defeated and livid. I walked out of the bank, sat in my car and decided that it was time to get serious about getting out of debt and taking my freedom back. I managed to pay off over $32,000 of debt and build up a savings of $15,000 in just 18 months.


Since, I have devoted my future to helping teachers get out of debt. This course offers a step-by-step formula created specifically for teachers and is guaranteed to be the fastest way out of debt. I am excited to share these amazing resources, proven techniques, and strategic approaches to support you in your journey to becoming a Debt-Free Teacher!


So How Exactly Did I Get Out Of Debt?

Increased my income

using my teaching skills

Stopped spending money

on things I didn’t need.

Strategically ordered

and paid off my debts

Focus and Grit.

Stayed committed to

my goals


Allow Me to Introduce…..Myself

Well, hey stranger!

Zach Gilliam, here. I am the founder of Debt Free Teacher and my mission is to spread the debt-free lifestyle to fellow teachers. My goal is to get you bank rollin’ so hard, Warren Buffett raises his eyebrows.

Other fun facts:

  • Grew up in Memphis, TN
  • Live in Nashville with my chocolate lab, Mr.Bud
  • Budgeting is my bitch
  • Lover of coffee and beer
  • Indie rock is my jam
  • Love to rock climb and ride bikes
  • I am a firm believer that if we can conceive it or believe it, we can achieve it.